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Burgundy Wines


厳選されたワイナリーから直送 - From  local Winegrowers

  • 私たちの提供するワインは大手のワインセラーから取り寄せているものではありません。

  • Our products are from small local wineries.
    We only introduce wines from local winegrowers to ensure the best quality.

安く提供できる理由 - Our Commitments 

大手のワイン卸売業者との違い - Directly from Burgundy  

  • 主人の故郷での繋がりと海外でワインビジネスに従事してきた経験から、独自のネットワークを築き上げてきました。

  • Originally from Burgundy, we have developed a network of business partners and friends to provide the best quality wine.


Kyoto - Tradition, temples, & other wonders

Kyoto was the Capital city of Japan. With over 1200 years of history, Kyoto is still renowned and popular today. A little city with more than 1.5million inhabitants, Kyoto is well-known thanks to its 1200 temples and 400 shrines. With so many UNESCO highlights, Kyoto is a must-see during your stay in Japan. Let's explore Kyoto's finest culture and tradition together!


We can talk as much as you need via email or even Skype to prepare the ideal itinerary and schedule for you.


On the day of your tour, we will meet you at your hotel or wherever else you want to meet.
We also know the good places for lunches, dinners, shopping, etc. and we are happy to share our experience with you.


As we are local guides, we will help you to save time and money:

  • Tailor-made and optimized schedule & itinerary

  • Assistance planning your future activities in the city

  • ​Avoiding hidden costs during your visit

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