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November 6th 2024

Starting time: 17.45

Voyageurs du Monde
M. Philippe GRODNER - 4 Participants

Here is the price for 4 people (Dinner time):

- Meet the client at Kabuki Minamiza Theater at 17:45

- Arrive at Dinner place at 18:00

- 1 Geisha and 1 musician will join the party

- Enjoy the meal and chat with Geisha

- Dance time and Game time

** Geisha dances in front of you with the music played by the musician.

** This is a private experience.

You can take pictures and videos anytime.

- Finish party at 20:00


Total: 292,000 yen


The price includes:

1 Geisha,

1 musician,

1 French translator,

Kaiseki course for 4 people

PRIVATE GEISHA PARTY - Voyageurs du Monde - November 6th 2024

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