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Kyoto - Western Area Tour

Highlights, tradition, craftmanship, gardens & hidden gems

Tour duration: 8 hours

Price from 1 to 3 persons: 65,000 yens

5,000 yens per additional guest


For over 1000 years in the late 19th century, Kyoto was a city known to be the birthplace of numerous traditional Japanese arts that were handed down by local people for centuries. 

In Kyoto, you can always find old-styled Japanese art, which is not very easy to find in other cities.

Watching, feeling and understanding, at the end of the tour you can re-discover the Japanese traditions.


Here are examples of our activities:

  • World Heritage Temples and Shrines

  • Kimono Wearing      

  • Tea Ceremony with a Tea Master or a priest

  • "Zen Kaiseki" Lunch break in a temple

  • Zen meditation with a monk   

  • Private visit of a Noh Theater

  • Visit of antiques shop

  • Etc.


In this tour, we also arrange the opportunities to interview local experts and craftsmen.

That could be a nice opportunity to talk with local people if you have any specific questions.

Let's discover the exquisite and subtle beauty of Japan!

Sample Itinerary (8-hours tour)

This is just our idea for your tours. If you have any specific requests on your visit, please feel free to ask us. We will arrange the tour following your requests.


This tour combines the main UNESCO highlights of Kyoto with many places held in high regard by Kyoto locals.


  • Our tour starts by strolling through and discovering a huge and beautiful temple complex. Once there, we will explore the greenery garden based on Zen philosophy and enjoy a bowl of Matcha green tea (with the head priest - upon request).

  • Among all the temples, we will pick the two most renowned sites to enjoy the Zen gardens and learn about their history and symbolism.


  • Lunch break: If your budget allows, I would recommend the Zen monk's cuisine served at the restaurant located inside the temple.


  • Our tour continues with the shining Golden Pavilion where we will learn its history, like how the Pavilion became a temple.


  • We will also visit Ryoan-ji temple and its popular Zen garden where we will try to reach enlightenment by discovering the 15th stone laying in the garden.

  • Our tour finishes at an impressive Unesco shrine, famous among students who wish to achieve academic success. This is the best place to find souvenirs.


*Some activities may require extra fees. In this case, we will add them to your tour price.

** Private transportations can be arranged with extra fees.

This tour includes:

  • English speaking tour guide

  •  entrance fees, and public transportation for the guests and the guide

This tour does not include:

  • Lunch fee for the guests and the guide

Location & Contact details

Starting point: your hotel lobby


Phone number:    +817-5501-2603   

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