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A Tailor-Made & exclusive experience for you

Flexibility - Comfort - Serenity

  • Before arriving in Japan, we will create a preliminary itinerary based on the information you provided when booking.

  • ​Once your booking is confirmed, we can correspond as much as you need to prepare your schedule and visit the city following your plans, ideas, and interests.

  • We will include the workshops and other private experiences of your selection.

  • Finally, on the day of your tour, we will meet you at your hotel or wherever you want at your preferred starting time!

Private theater visit in Kyoto

Exclusives Experiences & Tours


We can talk as much as you need via email or WhatsApp to prepare the ideal itinerary and schedule.


On the starting day, I will meet you at your hotel or wherever you want.
We also know the good places for lunches, dinners, shopping, etc.
We will be happy to share my experience with you.


As we are local guides, we will help you to save time and money:

- Tailor-made and optimized schedule & itinerary

- Assistance planning your future activities in the city

​- Avoiding hidden costs during your visit

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Anchor Gourmet Tour
Anchor Western Tour
Anchor Eastern Tour

Our exclusive tour includes the following features:

- A private and personalized guided tour with a knowledgeable and relaxed guide.
- The guide's transportation fees.
- The guide's admission fee (if any, up to 2000 yen)
- Taxi fees to discover the selected area(s).

Please note that the guide lunch fee is not included.

Sample itinerary

We could also include a visit to Kennin-ji temple to enjoy its massive zen garden and learn more about the tea culture and matcha in Kyoto or experience a private tea ceremony with a Tea Master to enjoy its deep taste, benefits, and relaxing effects.

If your interests lean towards traditional crafts, we would be happy to show you a pottery workshop or even help you to create your Japanese sword.

Finally, our tour will finish at the Yasaka shrine, one of the first shrines of Kyoto and a remarkable landmark of the Gion district.

Activities we can arrange during your tour

We offer tailor-made itineraries to provide unique tours.

We design them following your interests and schedule. We continuously adapt the itinerary and show the best sightseeing spots for each season. Our tours always fit your pace, time, and weather conditions.

Sample itinerary (8 hours)

- Pick-up at your hotel at your desired time

Our tour will start with the Fushimi-Inari Shrine - one of the most popular and iconic shrines of Japan - famous thanks to the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha" and for its 10 000 torii red gates.
Then, we stroll down the alley to smell and taste the quality products of the Nishiki market, also known as the "Kitchen of Kyoto."

After enjoying a delicious local lunch, our tour continues in the Gion district to discover the historical and beautiful Geisha streets and reveal their secrets.


For your exclusive experience, we offer a wide range of hands-on activities and workshops.

We would be happy to combine sightseeing and activities on single or multiple days to fit in your interests and schedule.

In addition, we also offer concierge services to optimize your time in Kyoto.

  Traditional & Modern Culture

  • World Heritage Temples and Shrines

  • Walkthrough traditional districts   

  • Visit off-the-beaten paths   

  • Visit a traditional machiya townhouse   

  • Kimono wearing                                     

  • Calligraphy workshop                                         

  • Tea Ceremony with a Tea Master                         

  • Zen meditation with a monk 

  • Private tour of Sake Brewery    

  • Personal visit to a Noh Theater

  • Japanese sword "Tanto" making                   

Gourmet & Cooking experiences

  • Luxury or local restaurants     

  • Shojin (Buddhist vegetarian) lunch

  • Geisha Dinner

  • Wagashi (Japanese sweets) Making  

  • Cooking Class  (including vegetarians option)                                                        


  • Local Kyoto delicacies

  • Traditional crafts & kimono                                     

  • Local flea markets

  • Antiques


*Some activities may require extra fees. In this case, we will add them to your tour price.

** Private transportations can be arranged with extra fees.

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