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Exclusive Geisha experience


Have a memorable and unique experience in Kyoto 

Miyako From Japan also provides the finest experiences for your incredible journey.


Please let us know of any specific requests. 

We will be great assistants to help you during your trip.

Private Geisha dinner in Kyoto

Experiencing a Geisha dinner is truly enchanting. Although some Geisha events are open to tourists, they are not exclusive and do not offer VIP treatment. For an exceptional Geisha encounter, we can arrange private dinners for couples, families, or groups of up to 20 guests. You may choose the number of Geisha you desire to accompany you, for instance, six Geisha. Enjoy delightful conversations and games with them.


If you prefer a more traditional setting, we can also organize dinners at a 350-year-old Kaiseki restaurant, where the staff is incredibly accommodating to your requests.


We can arrange Kimono dressing and a delightful Rickshaw ride from your hotel to the restaurant for those interested in additional activities. The Rickshaw tour will take you through stunning paths that are not easily accessible, making it a delightful prelude to your Geisha encounter.


This is not just a show; it is an interactive experience:

  • Enjoy watching Geisha dances

  • Talking with Geisha (Our translator can assist you)

  • Playing games with Geisha

  • Taking pictures with Geisha

        (We are very good at taking pictures. We will provide amazing photos in the next few days.)

  • Japanese kaiseki course meals are included

Geisha dinner

How to book

our Geisha Experience

Please fill out the booking form below to arrange your unique Geisha dinner ​in Kyoto:

  • Geisha dinner - Duration 2 hours

For the best experience possible, please provide us with the information below:

After that, we could discuss the number of Geisha, the meal, and the price.

We will organize your Geisha dinner and send you a quote depending on your budget and the number of Geishas & musician(s)  for this event.

Payment :

Payment can be made online with a secure link that we will send you by e-mail.

Please pay by credit card. The page is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safety of your credit card information. We accept Visa, Master Card, etc.

Contact for experience


Let us help you to have the best experience:

  • We can organize Private Geisha Dinner/Lunch just for you.

  • Our Exclusive Geisha Experiences occur in a traditional machiya townhouse in the oldest Geisha district.


  • We can organize Geisha dinners for small or more significant private groups.

  • To ensure everyone has an interactive & memorable time with Geishas, we adapt the number of Geishas to the number of guests.



The plan includes a delicious Kaiseki course meal comprising 6 or 8 dishes.

  • We consider your dietary restrictions.

  • We can also provide free drinks upon request.

Additional options:

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