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Private Tours

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A Tailor-Made experience for you

Flexibility - Comfort - Serenity

  • Before arriving in Japan, we will create a preliminary itinerary based on the information you provided when booking.

  • ​Once your booking is confirmed, we can correspond as much as you need to prepare your schedule and visit the city following your plans, ideas, and interests.

  • Finally, on the day of your tour, we will meet you at your hotel or wherever you want at your preferred starting time!

Popular destinations
with private guide
Combine Tour with Private Experiences

This price includes the following :

- Private and personalized guided tour with a knowledgeable and relaxed guide.
- The guide's transportation fees.
- The guide's admission fee (if any, up to 2000 yen)

Please note that the guide lunch fee is not included.

Mari - guide in Kyoto

Greetings, everyone, it's Mari and Max here. 


As seasoned national guides, we've enjoyed exploring Japan's hidden gems and getting to know its people. Mari is also a skilled calligraphy teacher who loves sharing her expertise with others. We enjoy strolling around Kyoto, uncovering its secret history, and practicing calligraphy.


Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Japan. We can't wait to meet you in person!


We can talk as much as you need via email or Skype to prepare the ideal itinerary and schedule.


  • On the day of your tour, we will meet you at your hotel or wherever else you want to meet.

  • We also know the good places for lunches, dinners, shopping, etc., and we are happy to share our experience.


As we are local guides, we will help you to save time and money:

  • Tailor-made and optimized schedule & itinerary

  • Assistance planning your future activities in the city

  • ​Avoiding hidden costs during your visit

A Tailor-Made service for you

Flexibility - Comfort - Serenity

Booking tickets for certain shows, events, and exhibitions can be a challenge due to the absence of a dedicated online booking system. Additionally, if they are written in Japanese, it may be difficult for you to select the right one. No need to worry, as I am well-versed in all the events listed below and their booking systems. I can assist and guide you in obtaining tickets for your preferred shows, exhibitions, or events in Japan.

Bookings of special shows, exhibitions, or events in Japan:

(Kabuki & Bunraku Theater, Ghibli Museum, Sumo Tournaments, Miyako Odori & Matsuri, Universal Studios & Disneyland Tokyo, etc.)

Four simple steps to make a booking:

  1. Please send us a request with the desired shows or exhibitions.

  2. We will provide information about the availability of each show and exhibition selected.

  3. Once we book the expected events, we email you the online booking confirmations and online tickets (or send printed tickets to your home address or accommodation in Japan.)

  4. You will receive your online booking confirmations and online tickets just after the booking is made.

       You will receive your printed tickets (if needed) at the end of the month before your departure to Japan.

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