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Calligraphy Experience

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A smooth & delicate way

to experience the Japanese writing style

I consider that calligraphy is not about writing with the complex Japanese "kanji" alphabet. Instead, calligraphy is a kind of art that lets you express your thoughts and relax your mood through your brush & writing style.


The art of Calligraphy has gained worldwide attention due to the popularity of Zen Buddhism and its famous quotes written on hanging scrolls.


With me, you can experience a meditative way of creating beautiful strokes with your brush. The sound of the brush and the smell of the ink will aid in relaxing your body and mind.

4 steps 
for a great experience

1 - Introduction

Learn about the history of calligraphy.

3 - Time to try

It is time to aim for the nicest strokes and create your calligraphy how you like it.

2 - Show

Watch a demonstration and learn basic calligraphy knowledge & techniques.

4 - Take your masterpiece home

Create your masterpiece on a Japanese paper board or scroll paper and bring it back home as a souvenir.

Lesson plans

Private session 

min. 2 people - 90 minutes

8.000 JPY per person

A one-to-one lesson with Mari Sensei.
Relax and quiet time to focus on the best-looking strokes.

Large groups or special requests

If you have a group larger than five people or want to request a special time or particular activity, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Calligraphy & Private Tour

For Calligraphy & Tour KYOTO:
This price includes the following:

- The guide's transportation fees
- The guide's admission fee (if any, up to 2000 yen)

-  90 mins calligraphy session in a traditional machiya
***(up to 2 participants - 4000 yens per additional guests)

Please note that the lunch fee is not included.


Payment :

Payment can be made online with a secure link that we will send you by e-mail.

Please pay by credit card. The page is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safety of your credit card information. We accept Visa, Master Card, etc.

Mari holds her workshop at "Kyoto-machiya," a warm and cozy traditional Japanese-style townhouse.

This peaceful cafe is situated close to the Sanju-sangen-do temple.

Despite being over a century old, the machiya's interior has been refurbished to ensure comfort. The machiya's owner hails from the Matcha tea district in Kyoto. 

The calligraphy experience is also kid-friendly, teaching Japanese culture and tradition.