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Kyoto - Art Tour

Tradition, craftmanship, gardens & aestethic

Tour duration: 8 hours

Price from 1 to 3 persons: 65,000 yens

5,000 yens per additional guest


For over 1000 years until the late 19th century, Kyoto was known to be the birthplace of numerous traditional Japanese arts that were handed down by local people from generation to generation for centuries. 

In Kyoto, you can always discover old-styled Japanese art, which is not very easy to find in other cities.

Watching, touching, and creating, by the end of the tour you will re-discover Japanese art sense. 


Here are examples of the activities we can include:

  • Calligraphy workshop       

  • Ikebana workshop

  • Private visit of a Noh Theater

  • Traditional pottery workshop

  • Visit antique shops

  • ​Visit of art galleries

  • Etc.


In this tour, we also arrange the opportunities to interview local experts and craftsmen.

That could be a nice opportunity to talk with local people if you have any specific questions.

Let's discover the exquisite and subtle beauty of Japan!

Sample Itinerary (8-hours tour)

  • Calligraphy experience (or another workshop of your choice)

Even though you do not speak Japanese, we are here to assist you.

 You will learn a lot about Japanese culture through our activities.


  • Visit a local temple having national heritage paintings

We will visit a local temple not far from our workshop place.

There are 3 temples showing art. We can visit one of them to see authentic Japanese art.

  • Lunch break at a local restaurant of your choice


  • Visit a local pottery shop to see how traditional Kyoto pottery is made

We will move to a traditional craftsmen shop. You can observe the whole process of pottery making. At this shop, you will have the opportunity to buy nice souvenirs at a wholesale price.

  • Visit Gion including Geisha street 

We will visit the beautiful streets in Gion including Hanamikoji street. There are many shops established for more than 100 years in Gion. We will have a look at them and learn the Japanese sense of art.


  • Finish the tour

We will move to the traditional restaurants' area where you can observe the nightlife in Kyoto!

The guide can also help you to arrange a special dinner for you.

*Some activities may require extra fees. In this case, we will add them to your tour price.

** Private transportations can be arranged with extra fees.

This tour includes: 

  • English speaking tour guide

  •  entrance fees, and public transportation for the guests and the guide

This tour does not include: 

  • Lunch fee for the guests and the guide

Location & Contact details

Starting point: your hotel lobby


Phone number:    (+81)70-5501-2603   

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