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Japanese dinner experience

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a nice Japanese dinner but found it hard to understand the menu?

Japan has a very unique cooking style and set of table manners.

  • The dishes and ingredients may be different from your culture and sometimes a little bit confusing.

  • ​You want to book a nice table but you don't know any good or reliable restaurants (for example: Kyoto kaiseki/gourmet style).

  • You wish to discover the "izakaya" style dinner but you don't know what to order or how to order it.

  • You are willing to try local alcohols such as "nihon-shu"/ japanese sake or plum wines, beers, etc.

A Tailor-Made dinner experience for you

Flexibility - Comfort - Serenity

  • After determining your interests and hearing your ideas I will book the restaurant of your choice for you.

  • ​I will pick you up directly from your hotel or your preferred meeting point.

  • Finally, I will explain everything about our meal, table manners, and the japanese way of life in general.
    If you wish, we could also combine this dinner experience with a night tour.

Various types of restaurants we could enjoy together in Kyoto:

  • Beef restaurant with different cooking styles 

 (Japanese fondue "Shabu-shabu", teppanyaki, sukiyaki, Kobe beef restaurant)

  • Sushi restaurant

  • Tempura restaurant

  • Kyoto gourmet cuisine "Kaiseki"

  • Japanese tavern - "Izakaya" style restaurant

  • Restaurant with vegetarian options or catering to specific dietary restrictions

Izakaya food - Miyako from Japan

Japanese Cuisine -
One of the finest traditions in the world

Japanese cuisine is one the finest cuisines in the world with a countless number of Michelin star winning restaurants.

The biggest feature of this cuisine is that many dishes are uncooked and served with unparalelled freshness.


Both texture and taste of the japanese cuisine are unique and could be quite surprising if you never tried it before.
Fish and seaweed are the signature ingredients of Japanese cuisine but people also appreciate the famous high-quality beef such as Kobe beef, Wagyu, or Matsuda beef among others.


Kyoto is said to be the finest kitchen of Japan with its wonderful and famous "kaiseki", "obanzai", and the vegeterian cuisine of the monks "shojin-ryori".
Experience a highly acclaimed restaurant and gain a better understanding of the dishes served to you.

Dinning experience: Homepage_about
Mari - guide in Kyoto

Hello everyone, my name is Mari.


​I am a calligraphy teacher & a certified national guide.


I like walking in Kyoto to discover the hidden spots, learning about the hidden history of Japan, meeting the people, and of course, calligraphy drawing.

I wish to explain everything about Japan. ​

​I am looking forward to seeing you soon!



We can talk as much as you need via email or even Skype to prepare the ideal itinerary and schedule for you.


On the day of your tour, we will meet you at your hotel or wherever else you want to meet.
We also know the good places for lunches, dinners, shopping, etc. and we are happy to share our experience with you.


As we are local guides, we will help you to save time and money:

  • Tailor-made and optimized schedule & itinerary

  • Assistance planning your future activities in the city

  • ​Avoiding hidden costs during your visit

Contact me

Please fill up the booking form below

to arrange a dinner experience ​& night walking tour

  • Dinner experience - Duration 3 hours

  • Location:  Kyoto or Osaka

  • For 2 to 4 people: 14.000 JPY  - Please contact me for larger groups

  • This fee is the "guiding fee". It does not include the dinner of your guide.

Dinning experience: Contact

Contact me

Please fill out the booking form below to arrange a dinner experience ​& night walking tour:

  • Dinner experience - Duration 3 hours

  • Location:  Kyoto

  • For 2 to 4 people: 24.000 JPY  - Please contact me for larger groups

  • This fee is the "guiding fee". It does not include the dinner of your guide.

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